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this is the exchange. this is our Shared Ownership community.

what we do

This is a trusted space where Shared Ownership professionals can learn, share, collaborate and explore new opportunities.

our network

We are RPs, lenders, HAs, mortgage brokers, solicitors – professionals of every kind. The collective driving force behind our Shared Ownership sector.

how we do it

By connecting our Shared Ownership sector with a member directory, a WhatsApp group and events. By publishing industry insights and reports, and by sharing practical resources.

media hub

All the latest news, insights and authoritative opinions about Shared Ownership, in one place, from those who know our sector best.

Let’s learn from each other and develop our sector – together.

a place to:

share knowledge

stay up-to-speed with the latest industry updates

find sector support and guidance

make valuable contacts

contribute to creating a better Shared Ownership sector for all

exchange network

Our network is where we come together. The central station, the market square, the beating heart of our Shared Ownership sector.

Through it you can connect, communicate and share with other professionals from every organisation – big and small, core and fringe – that makes our sector tick.

my media hub

Deepen your knowledge of our sector and keep up-to-date with all the latest goings-on. Here you can access our blog, media pack and press section.

my exchange resources

We’ve got you covered. Our downloadable training packs and template documents are here to make your life easier. Whenever you need them.


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