my exchange

connecting our Shared Ownership sector

Our sector is lucky. Since its earliest days it’s been a magnet for great people driven by a passion to make affordable homes available to more of the many people who really need them. But until recently it struggled with a problem.


It was a community without a home – without a central place where peers and professionals could meet, hear the latest news, swap knowledge, share support and help guide each other.

Then came the Exchange.

Amy Nettleton

Amy has been living and breathing all things Shared Ownership since 2010. She joined our sector working as Head of Sales for the Aster Group, a company on a mission to ensure everyone has a home. Amy now works as the Group’s Assistant Development Director. When not riding her horse Ping or enjoying some relaxation in the beautiful Cornish countryside, she can be found hard at work making our sector stronger for all of us who work in it.

Kelly McCabe

Shared Ownership is Kelly’s middle name. She founded TMP The Mortgage People back in 2005 which she has since nurtured into one of the UK’s leading SO specialist mortgage brokers. The company now helps thousands of people into homeownership each year, deals with a huge range of lenders big and small and works alongside over 70 Registered Providers. A regular speaker at industry events and the former chair of the National Sales Group, Kelly’s dedication to strengthening links between RPs and lenders is a key driving force behind the steady growth of our sector.

let’s make our sector stronger – together

That’s what the Exchange is here to do. We enable Shared Ownership professionals like you to learn by providing useful training guides. By encouraging everyone in our sector to connect through our member directory. By creating a unified voice and place to ask questions and share knowledge on our WhatsApp group. And bringing the sector together face-to-face at events.